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Public Forums

Public outreach is a critical component for the success of the American Latino museum. The Commission convened forums in eight cities across the country to convey information about the museum effort and to receive input directly from community leaders, civic leaders, business leaders, cultural icons, and the general public. The main purpose of the public forums, beyond generating awareness, was to gather feedback from the general public.

The Commission gathered input from the public to understand the community's thoughts about a potential museum, and it examined the potential impact of the museum on regional Latino-related museums. The eight forums presented opportunities for people to learn more about the museum effort, ask questions, and provide comments to help guide the process. The response from the public was positive. A long-standing desire exists to document the art, culture, and history of Latinos in this country by both American Latinos and many other citizens. As the Commission traveled the country, they listened to a vast collection of stories.

The Commission would like to thank all of you who participated by attending the forums and those who participated through online and social media efforts. This is a truly monumental project that will be cherished for generations to come. This project could not have been completed without the support of the general public.

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